Evolve Green: success in Steinbach, MB

Evolve Green: success in Steinbach, MB

EvolveGreen is an alternative energy company based in Steinbach, MB. A manufacturer, importer and supplier of wind turbines, solar, solar thermal and LED lighting products, the company’s services include commercial, residential, and large-scale projects. Their mission: to provide sustainable power generation that benefits the public and the environment. They also aim to educate the public on the many alternative energy products that are available to them, and show them how they can save money while also doing their part for the environment.

EvolveGreen has been in business since 2008 and has expanded its market greatly in that time. However, the company still needed to grow, in particular, achieve a more professional appearance for its customers. They also needed the ability to buy in larger quantities in order to achieve a greater profit margin, since the shipping costs for smaller quantities is relatively high.

EvolveGreen approached some financial institutions, but they were told that the company was still too young to meet the required qualifications for financial assistance. However, Community Futures Triple R was able to help the company with its cash flow issue so that they could pre- purchase inventory and go to the next level. Thanks to Community Futures Triple R, the company was able to revamp its website, buy larger amount of inventory, and give its work space a new, more professional look. The company is now rolling out its own line of LED bulbs that they anticipate are going to do very well in the market.

Lorena Mitchell, CEO of Evolve Green, sums it up this way: “I feel very confident that we will now be able to reach our goal because of Community Futures’ help up – not handout. Thank you Community Futures for all your help.”


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October 20, 2015